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GEMS is the online grant management software solution for Non Profit Organizations and for Grant Writing Consultants

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For Non Profit Organizations


GEMS Grant Easy Management Software Pro package keeps track of all your important deadlines – grant applications, LOIs, interim and final reports, meetings and other important tasks to complete, dates to remember, plus funder information and call log. Store approved text, common attachments and data in the fully-searchable library with 24/7 access, and produce instant reports for supervisors and stakeholders.

For Grant Writing Consultants


GEMS Grant Easy Management Software Premium package includes all GEMS Pro features AND allows you to manage important deadlines and documents for each of your clients in one place, giving them access only to their own workplan. With GEMS Premium you can offer your clients transparency, real time reports, and information at the click of a button anytime from anywhere.



Organize by workplans, projects and tasks status


Document communications with funders in the funder call Log


Produce real time reports with the click of a button


Save important texts and files in a fully-searchable library


Assign tasks to team members. Get notifications by email or in-app


Manage funder contact information, giving priorities and create custom fields

Submissions Organized and Archived

Easily and safely store your relevant grant documents by submission. Quickly locate and retrieve submitted applications, award letters, reports, funder communications, etc.

Grant Submissions organized and archived
Fast and easy Funder Management for Grant Consultants

Quick and Simple Funder Management

Build relationships with easily-retrievable funder records. Monitor communications with funders in a centralized call log.

Team communications and task assignments

Work more efficiently individually or as a team. Assign tasks to specific team members. Receive automatic notifications of assigned tasks and reminders via text and email.

Grant Writers or Team communication in real time
Produce one-click real-time reports for your grants

Produce one-click
real-time reports

Know the status of applications at all times from identified to in progress through to decision and track throughout the grant award period. Always know your success rates and instantly produce reports for your board or other stakeholders.

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GEMS Pro package is perfect for an individual non profit.
GEMS Premium package is designed for consultants working with multiple clients.

per month
  • up to 5 team member profiles
  • up to 250 MB for files and docs
  • Live customer support
    Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm (Eastern time)
per year
2 months free with annual subscription
  • up to 5 team member profiles
  • up to 250 MB for files and docs
  • Live customer support
    Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm (Eastern time)
  • Includes staff training orientation and system set up

GEMS brilliantly manages the entire
grant application process and
saves time!

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